Guoman Hotels

The Progressive team were invited to a party hosted by Guoman at their Charing Cross Hotel. Guoman Hotels include The Grosvenor, The Cumberland, The Royal Horseguards, The Tower and a few more both here and in Shanghai. Guoman Hotels really represent the most luxurious and historical end of the market, with hotels such as The Grosvenor being the site of high society scandal and intrigue since the Victorian era. With this kind of pedigree I was delighted but definitely not surprised when I found the Charing Cross hotel to be just as grand as I had hoped. Despite the aura of old-world glamour the Charing Cross is also very 21st century, it has just introduced free wi-fi throughout the hotel, very helpful for those of us that need to be always connected.

As you have probably realized one of the things that makes us really excited here at Progressive is delicious food! And yes that is an edible tower of yummy macaroons next to Jade.

If you fancy a room in one of London’s grandest old landmarks, or think that the Guoman could provide that showstopping venue your looking for let me know.

Grace x



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